Kalyan Kumar N

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: kalyankn @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3094

Responsibility : High performance Computing and IT Services.

Ram Gopal

Scientific Officer(E)

Email: ramgopal @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3063

Responsibility : Design, development commissioning and maintenance of scientific instrumentation for intense laser matter and plasma interactions.

Deepa S

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: deepas @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3054

Responsibility : Lab management especially ESI Q Tof MS, Peptide Synthesizer & HPLC maintenance


Project Scientific Officer(C)

Email: anusheela @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3051

Responsibility : Science writing, science communication and public outreach activities, Social media, Annual Reports and other official reports, coordinating press releases, Content development for the institute website, TIFR Hyderabad Newsletter


Scientific Officer(D)

Email: sreejithr @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3064

Responsibility : To develop the technology platform for protein engineering, large-scale recombinant protein production and characterization

Hemant Rawat

Project Scientific Officer(C)

Email: hemantrawat @ tifrh . res . in


Responsibility : To maintain the Single Crystal X-ray diffraction machine, Lab coordinator.