Aathif Ahmedof

Project Technical Officer (C)

Email: aathifahmedof @ tifrh . res . in


Responsibility : CAD Design, development and documentation of Reverse Engineering, Strategic Sourcing and UHV maintenance


Scientific Officer(C)

Email: anusheela @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3051

Responsibility : Science writing, science communication and public outreach activities, Social media, Annual Reports and other official reports, coordinating press releases, Content development for the institute website, TIFR Hyderabad Newsletter

Deepa S

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: deepas @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3054

Responsibility : Lab management especially ESI Q Tof MS, Peptide Synthesizer & HPLC maintenance

Kalyan Kumar N

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: kalyankn @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3094

Responsibility : High performance Computing and IT Services.

G Rajalakshmi

Scientific Officer(F)

Email: raji @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3063

Responsibility : Establishment of ultra low field NMR techniques. Developing optical techniques for the study of spin physics. More Details


Scientific Officer(D)

Email: sreejithr @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3064

Responsibility : To develop the technology platform for protein engineering, large-scale recombinant protein production and characterization

Suman Saurav

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: suman @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3095

Responsibility : Networking Solutions, Server & IT administration.

Tejaswinee Gangber

Project Scientific Officer(C)

Email: gtejaswinee @ tifrh . res . in


Responsibility : Operating and maintaining X-ray diffractometer and assisting synthetic chemistry faculty in development and implementation of wet chemistry lab facilities