Divya A G

Project Scientific Officer(C)

Email: adivya @ tifrh . res . in


Responsibility :

Deepa Balasubramanian

Scientific Officer(C)

Email: deepab @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3001

Responsibility : Supervise fly culture media preparation Maintenance of Drosophila strains Quarantine of newly arrived Drosophila strains. Curation of Drosophila strains, Drosophila genetic screening and transgenesis.

Gopalakrishna R

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: gr @ tifrh . res . in


Responsibility : Veterinarian in-charge for the Establishment, Development and Maintenance of the Animal facility. Performing, Assisting and Overseeing experimentation on wildtype, transgenic and knockout animals. Member secretary, IAEC

Kalyan Kumar N

Scientific Officer(D)

Email: kalyankn @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3094

Responsibility : High performance Computing and IT Services.

G Rajalakshmi

Scientific Officer(F)

Email: raji @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3063

Responsibility : Establishment of ultra low field NMR techniques. Developing optical techniques for the study of spin physics. More Details


Scientific Officer(E)

Email: sreejithr @ tifrh . res . in

Phone: 3064

Responsibility : To develop the technology platform for protein engineering, large-scale recombinant protein production and characterization

Syed Dastagir Hussain

Project Scientific Assistant

Email: syeddh @ tifrh . res . in


Responsibility :