The Visiting Students Research Programme at TIFR Hyderabad is intended for the enrichment and broadening of education. It involves a project through which the students will get trained in research and help them to choose a career in research. We host a limited number of short-term students every year under two categories.

I. Summer Research Programme:

This programme is offered during May-July of every year. Students can join this programme through any of the following procedures:-

    For details please visit
  2. KVPY /Science Academies
    Several members of our faculty are associated with Science Academies. The students may apply through Summer Research Fellowship Programme (SFRP) hosted by various Science Academies and the selected students are allocated to faculty members of TIFR Hyderabad. Please note that this is through Science Academy only and is subject to the availability of the position with the respective faculty member.
  3. TIFR Hyderabad also hosts Summer Research Programme in which students may apply to the faculty member directly depending upon their research interest.
  • For (a) and (b)
    1. Please refer to the eligibility conditions of the hosting institution
  • For (c)
    1. Students of any stream in their final year of a 3-year B.Sc. program and students in their pre-final or final year of their M.Sc., Integrated M.Sc., 4-year-B.Sc. or B.Tech./B.E. program. Ph.D. students are not eligible for the VSRP program.
    2. Students who participated in a previous year are not eligible to apply
Application process:
  • For (c), download the application form ApplicationForm_2023.pdf, read it, fill it and email it along with other documents listed in the application form to visiting_students at tifrh dot res dot in on or before 15 February 2023.
    Note: The download link has been disabled past the deadline. Applications received past the deadline will not be processed.
List of selected students:
    1. Anwesha Raychaudhuri
    2. Shubham Sinha
    3. Soni Yadav
    4. Nandana Rajendran
    5. Gayathri K
    6. Shruti Jain
    7. Suraj Das
    8. Shri Gauri K N
    9. Tushar
    10. Subham Sau
    11. Nandeesh Sharma
    12. Riya Verma
    13. Shanila M
    14. Pratyush Mishra
    15. Grishma Manish Mehta
    16. Revathi Rajesh
    17. Priyanka Nair
    18. Banoth Bharath
    19. Ananya Ghosh
    20. Swayam Panda
    21. Snehith Adabala
    22. Athul V. B.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the students who have applied to the VSRP 2023 program. We were overwhelmed by the response and received hundreds of applications from across the country. It was a pleasure to see so many bright and enthusiastic young minds interested in research.

We are pleased to inform you that after careful evaluation of all the applications, we have selected a few students based on the number of positions available, their academic performance, research areas of interest, write-up, and their fit with the research programs carried out at TIFRH.

We would like to thank all the students who applied for their interest and dedication to research. We appreciate the effort and time you have put into your application, and we hope that you will continue to pursue your interest in research.

All the selected students will be contacted via email on or before 15 March 2023.

Stipend / Accommodation:

For (a) and (c): Selected students are paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 7000/- and travel reimbursement as per the TIFR rules. Free shared accommodation is provided by the institute.

For (b): as per the KVPY / Science Academies rules

II. Semester / Long-term Visiting Students Research Programme:

  1. Some of our faculty members are associated with a few institutions which host undergraduate / integrated programmes where students can take research credits outside their institutes/universities. The students may apply to such faculty members directly through their institution.
  2. TIFR Hyderabad also hosts visiting students throughout the year. The candidates who have completed their Master’s degree / Professional degree and would like to get research experience are eligible to apply. The students may apply to the faculty member depending on their research interests. The visiting period depends upon the project.
  3. Accommodation will be provided subject to availability.

If you need any other information, please write to

Academic Co-ordinator,
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
36/P, Gopanpally Village,
Serilingampally Mandal,
Ranga Reddy District,
Hyderabad 500107, INDIA
e-mail: visiting_students at tifrh dot res dot in