The TCIS Young Researcher Programme (YRP) is for talented and motivated research scientists who seek to establish themselves in the forefront of science in India. The YRP enlists scientists who hold the following prestigious national fellowships: INSPIRE Faculty Award, Ramanujan fellowship, Ramalingaswami Fellowship, and DBT-Wellcome Fellowship. Applications for this programme may be send to TCIS year-round. The key features of the YRP are:

  • YRP is open to scientists who have no more than two years of post-doctoral experience. The candidates should be in the forefront of research activities that overlap with activities in TCIS or able to start new areas in line with the theme of TCIS vision. YRP is open to also those post-doctoral fellows who are in TCIS and have received one of the above Fellowships and are deemed to meet the criteria for joining TCIS under YRP.

  • TCIS will not provide any financial assistance towards research or salary of the candidate besides what is given by the concerned national funding agency. TCIS, will however, provide access to existing research infrastructure and an ambience congenial to highly productive research output. Crucially, the aim is to enable the YR to achieve leadership through a largely independent research programme. The candidate may mentor a TCIS PhD student but a regular faculty member in TCIS must accept the responsibility of co-supervisorship, in view of the fixed-term nature of the YRP.

  • YRs are expected to work independently; collaboration with TCIS faculty members is natural and encouraged. They are also expected to take part in the TCIS teaching programme.

  • YRP selection procedure consists of the following steps: Candidates with one of the Fellowships listed above may send in CV, soft copies of 3 important publications, a research proposal, and a one-page summary of the research accomplishments to They may also arrange for preferably three reference letters to be sent in separately at the same time. Those who meet the TCIS research vision and are considered to be potential TCIS faculty members in the view of a screening committee would then be called for a seminar and discussion with the TCIS faculty members. The application will then be discussed among the TCIS faculty members after which a final decision on the selection will be made and conveyed to the candidate.

  • Candidates selected to the YRP may formally apply to TCIS for a faculty position, preferably at the end of three years of the programme. This procedure follows the standard TCIS norms that are listed separately on the institute web page. A TCIS YR will also be specifically evaluated on his/her independence and leadership displayed during the years at TCIS. In any case TCIS would allow the candidates to be in TCIS for the full duration of the funding.