Principal Investigator
Prasad Perlekar
Associate Professor
Email : perlekar at tifrh dot res dot in
Contact : +91 40 2020 3091

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D. from I.I.Sc. Bangalore

Group Researchers

Purnima Jain

Hridey Narula

Former group members

Dr. Rashmi Ramaadugu (Now at Sankhya Sutra labs)
(Thesis title:”Linear stability and numerical studies of interfacial and buoyancy driven bubbly flows“)

Dr. Rayan Chatterjee (Now postdoctoral fellow at the Standanford University, USA)
(Thesis title: “Active polar suspensions: Stability and Turbulence“)

Dr. Vikash Pandey (Now postdoctoral fellow at NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden)
(Thesis title: “Numerical Studies of Inertial Particles in Turbulence and Buoyancy-Driven Bubbly Flows“)

Dr. Navdeep Rana (Now postdoctoral fellow at MPI Gottingen, Germany)
(Thesis title: “Incompressible Polar Active Matter: Defects, Coarsening and Turbulence“)