Spatiotemporal orders in the realm of Chemistry and Biophysics (Theory and Simulation group)

Evolution of order or pattern in temporal and spatial domains is a ubiquitous phenomenon in almost every branch of science starting from physical to chemical and biological systems. The interplay of various source terms and fluxes in spatially-extended systems is the basic source for the emergence of a large variety of complex spatiotemporal orders in far-from-equilibrium condition. Examples are stationary and non-stationary spatial patterns, spirals and targets, propagation of wave fronts and pulses, collective and directed motions in living matter etc. Our research is broadly focused towards investigating the spatiotemporal dynamics of non-equilibrium complex systems to understand of a number of emerging phenomena of chemical and biophysical systems.

Currently, we are interested in the following broad areas:

    1. Spatiotemporal dynamics of biological soft matter
    2. Nonlinear dynamics of spatially-extended chemical and biological systems