A Discussion Meeting on NMR and Challenging Problems in Biology

4th NMR Meets Biology Meeting

Latest meeting: December 16th [17:00 hrs] - December 21st [19:00 hrs], 2018
Hotel Clarks, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India
Meeting Schedule: Teaching, Tutorials and Research-Talks, Book of Abstracts

Meeting Goals

This meeting was the fourth in the series of "NMR Meets Biology" meetings arranged over the last 5 years. A brief history of the meeting can be found here.

This iteration of the meeting focused on the state-of-the-art solid- and solution-state NMR methods to tackle challenging issues in biology. There were dedicated tutorial session on relaxation methods in NMR and their use to study dynamics. There were several brain-storming sessions on the future prospects, with respect to the methods and systems. We had ~85 participants, including the speakers from both India and abroad. Videos and prsentations from several of the tutorial and research talks sessions are available on the archive page.