A Discussion Meeting on NMR and Challenging Problems in Biology

4th NMR Meets Biology Meeting

December 16th [17:00 hrs] - December 21st [19:00 hrs], 2018
Hotel Clarks, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India
Meeting Schedule: Teaching, Tutorials and Research-Talks, Book of Abstracts

Meeting Goals

This meeting will be the fourth in the series of "NMR Meets Biology" meetings arranged over the last 4 years. A brief history of the meeting can be found here.

This iteration of the meeting will focus on the state-of-the-art solid- and solution-state NMR methods to tackle challenging issues in biology. There will be dedicated tutorial session on relaxation methods in NMR and their use to study dynamics. The meeting will have several brain-storming sessions on the future prospects, with respect to the methods and systems. There will be only oral presentations at the meeting. The number of participants will be limited to 70. These include ~20 scientists from India and abroad and ~40 students.


The registration fee for attending the meeting is 300 euros for people from outside of India and Rs. 5000 for people from India. The registration fee will cover the boarding and lodging expenses, and travel in Khajuraho. The fee may be paid at the venue. All speakers are requested to send in their talk abstract by November 30 to madhu [at] tifr.res.in (P. K. Madhu) or vipina [at] tifrh.res.in (Vipin Agarwal).