Towards understanding childhood cataracts

Khandekar Jishan Bari(Graduate Student, TIFR Hyderabad) In 2013, researchers led by Siquan Zhu and Xu Ma published the results of a study that aimed to elucidate the genetic origin of cataracts in children. This study revealed a novel genetic mutation that alters one of the crystallin proteins in the eye lens. However, at that time, … Continue reading “Towards understanding childhood cataracts”

A star behind the crescent: Revisiting supernova explosions through prehistoric cave arts

Parswa Nath(Graduate Student, TIFR Hyderabad) A Supernova (dying star) is perhaps the most fascinating object in the universe.It is one of the most violent and energetic astronomical events which occurs during the final evolutionary phases of a massive star. A star stays ‘alive’ by maintaining a (hydrostatic) balance between the inward gravitational pull and the … Continue reading “A star behind the crescent: Revisiting supernova explosions through prehistoric cave arts”

Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia: A carbon free fuel

Anku Guha(Graduate Student, TIFR Hyderabad) By the middle of this century, it is estimated that the world’s population shall touch the 9.8 billion mark. This will result in increased requirements of both energy and food. For energy, we are mostly dependent on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gases, the reserves of which … Continue reading “Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia: A carbon free fuel”

TIFR Hyderabad: Tracing the roots

Anusheela Chatterjee (Science Writer, TIFR Hyderabad) “I shifted to TIFR Hyderabad literally lock, stock and barrel on April 2 (avoided April 1 deliberately!) 2012. Apart from the pleasant surprise of a ready-made Guest House in Aparna Sarovar E1002, there was not much on offer. Srikanth Sastry, who joined with me, promptly left again for JNCASR to … Continue reading “TIFR Hyderabad: Tracing the roots”

Quantum Dolly is an Impossibility!

N. D. Hari Dass  (Visiting faculty, TIFR Hyderabad) Why talk of a Dolly in the quantum context? Dolly, the sheep, was a clone. Clones are supposed to be perfect copies of their original. In the case of Dolly, the original is a living entity, hence all the excitement! In the non- living context, we are … Continue reading “Quantum Dolly is an Impossibility!”