As we sail into the 8th year of our young institute, this newsletter aims to provide a common platform to bring together all the events associated with TIFR Hyderabad, scientific and otherwise. In this inaugural issue, we bring to you an array of articles along with some creative tidbits. We start off the issue with the cover story tracing the marvelous journey of TIFR Hyderabad, right from its conception to the point we stand today, a full-fledged institute bustling with research activities. We feature an article by Prof. Hari Dass, which will make you ponder about the no-cloning theorem in quantum mechanics and its implications, and Shubhadeep Pal, who gives an insight into the importance of reducing carbon emissions. We also feature an exclusive interview with the NMR bigwig, Prof. Shimon Vega, who talks about his foray into NMR, the long-standing relationship with his student, Prof. P.K Madhu, and dealing with hiccups in science. TIFR has a long history of outreach programs and other activities encouraging science education at the roots. At TIFR Hyderabad, we intend to continue this paradigm and to this end, Debashree Sengupta talks more about the active initiatives being taken in this direction. Moreover, amidst a variety of interdisciplinary research at TIFRH, we have highlighted a few in the ‘InFocus’ section of this issue. Lastly, in the non-science end of this issue, we present to you some comic relief, a poem about life and friendship in a research institute, and a photo gallery sporting a few talented shutterbugs at TIFR Hyderabad.

Chief Editor
Anusheela Chatterjee

Student Editors
Aishwarya Mandya
Vishnu V. Krishnan

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If you would like to submit articles for the next issue of the newsletter or give your comments on any of the articles, please write to us at the newsletter@tifrh.res.in .