Welcome to the web page of the Surface Dynamics Group at TIFR-Hyderabad

Understanding chemical reactions occurring on metal surfaces is a subject of interest because of its direct relevance for heterogeneous catalyst technology. Chemical reactions on surfaces are often very complex and involve several elementary steps such as: collision of atom/molecules with the surface, energy dissipation, adsorption, diffusion and so on. Broadly speaking, our research activities are aimed at understanding these elementary processes at atomic level detail and can be described as:

  • Understanding the collision processes of atoms/molecules with surfaces in order to gain insights into energy transfer processes

  • Building a detailed microscopic understanding of the chemical reaction mechanisms occurring on metal surfaces

In order to pursue these goals, we use experimental techniques such as: atomic/molecular beam scattering from surfaces, surface sensitive methods for preparation/characterization of well-defined surfaces, laser spectroscopy based techniques to prepare and probe atoms/molecules in quantum state specific manner. These experimental tools comprise of several in house, custom built and commercially available instrumentation.




Our work is supported by:

Department of Atomic Energy (Government of India)

Science and Engineering Research Board (Department of Science & Technology, Government of India)


Last updated: September 2020