Equilibrium and non-equilibrium materials physics

Elastic and plastic response of solids – Elastic and flow behavior of crystalline and amorphous solids and networked structures. Defect dynamics and the role of defects in determining the kinetics of phase transitions. Defects in quantum solids.

Phase transitions and micro-structure of solids – Microstructure selection during solid-solid transformations.

Driven Solids -Driven flux lattices, patterning of colloidal particles, patterning and segregation in driven materials leading to new non-equilibrium states.

Confined Solids – Colloidal solids in confinement, phase transitions of colloids in a laser template, driven confined solids – biological matter.

Geological Minerals – Non-equilibrium processes in olivine and related minerals. Vacancy motion in olivine.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram showing a chromosome with active and inactive sites resulting from gene transcription.