Materials physics in and out of equilibrium

Elastic and plastic response of solids – The thermodynamics of solid rigidity. Elastic and flow behaviour of crystalline and amorphous solids. Defects in permanently bonded networks and layered structures. Defects in quantum solids.

Proteins – Atomic fluctuations in proteins: How do they determine ligand binding hotspots and folding pathways.

Structures and Patterns in active and driven matter – Stability of colloidal crystals. Templates and structures. Stability and structures in active matter. Patterning and segregation in driven materials leading to new non-equilibrium states. Driven flux lattices.

Phase transitions and micro-structure of solids – Microstructure selection during solid-solid transformations.

Confined Solids – Colloidal solids in confinement, phase transitions of colloids in a laser template, driven confined solids – biological matter.

Geological Minerals – Non-equilibrium processes in olivine and related minerals. Vacancy motion in olivine.