Tracing Infantile Cataracts

Khandekar Jishan Bari and K.V.R Chary Infantile cataracts are a root cause of blindness in children. When a cataract develops in the eye, the lens slowly becomes opaque. A mutant form of Gamma S-crystallin, a protein abundant in the eye lens cortex, is associated with this form of cataract. A study, led by Prof.K.V.R. Chary, … Continue reading “Tracing Infantile Cataracts”

Signals in Fly Development

Nikhita Pasnuri and Aprotim Mazumder Cells communicate using convoluted chemical signals. Given the limited number of proteins, how does a cell assess the input message and act accordingly? One plausible approach could be by applying different strengths of the same input. Using Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit-fly, as a model system, a method was adapted and … Continue reading “Signals in Fly Development”