The academics at TIFRH is a well-rounded experience where students go beyond the textbook and their lab, to work together with peers in other disciplines, and attend seminars, conferences, and symposiums. The full calendar of events at TIFRH also includes cultural activities and community outreach programmes. 

While TIFRH’s fluid structure of learning encourages students to be creative and innovative, the intensive academic requirements also ensure that they acquire the highest levels of theoretical knowledge and practical skill. Further, they have the scope to gain practical and field experiences through collaborations with other institutions, research organisations, and industry players across Hyderabad. They can also take advantage of the ecosystem of translational research and entrepreneurship in the city.



We offer a range of integrated MSc–PhD, and PhD programmes within physics, chemistry, and biology, which are comprehensive and interdisciplinary

Research groups

Our dynamic faculty, who lead the research groups at the institute, address intriguing scientific questions spanning diverse research themes.

Campus life

The campus life at TIFRH is quite a vibrant one, filled with seminars, colloquiums, outreach events, sports activities and more!