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P. Bielytskyi, D. Grasing, S. Zahn, K.R Mote, A. Alia, P. K. Madhu, J.Matysik “Assignment of NMR resonances of protons covalently bound to photochemically active cofactors in photosynthetic reaction centres by 13C-1H photo-CIDNP MAS-J-HMQC experiment,” J. Magn. Reson. 298, 64-76, 2019.

Rahul Sharma, Ravi K.Birojua, Ofer Sinai, Hagai Cohen, Krishna Rani Sahoo, Vlada Artel, Hadas Alon, Adi Levi, A.Subrahmanyam, Wolfgang Theis, Doron Naveh and Tharangattu N. Narayanan “Vapour transport deposition of fluorographene oxide films and electro-optical device applications,” Applied Materials Today 13 (2018)

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