Gabriel J. Man, Cody M. Sterling, Chinnathambi Kamal, Konstantin A. Simonov, Sebastian Svanström, Joydev Acharya, Fredrik O. L. Johansson, Erika Giangrisostomi, Ruslan Ovsyannikov, Thomas Huthwelker, Sergei M. Butorin, Pabitra K. Nayak, Michael Odelius, and Håkan Rensmo, “Electronic coupling between the unoccupied states of the organic and inorganic sublattices of methylammonium lead iodide: A hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite single crystal”,Phys. Rev. B 104, L041302

Souvik Sadhukhan and Saroj Kumar Nandi, “Theory and simulation for equilibrium glassy dynamics in cellular Potts model of confluent biological tissue”,Phys. Rev. E 103, 062403

Pabitra K. Nayak, “RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Perovskites”,MRS Bulletin (2021).

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Congratulations to Mohammad Sahil (graduate student, Jagannath Mondal’s group) on receiving the best poster prize at the International Workshop on “Tools and Techniques to Perform Molecular Modelling and Computer-Aided Drug Design” (MMTT-2021).

TIFR Hyderabad researchers have standardised a colour-based assay for visual detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA.
Sreejith R, Deepa Balasubramanian, Sunayana Sarkar, and Manish Jaiswal were involved in this effort.
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CovidGyan webinar in the news: Dr. Gagandeep Kang discusses ‘Vaccines for the 21st Century’
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Selected & Waitlisted candidates list for Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology Ph.D. and IPh.D. programmes

Remembering Prof. Surajit Sengupta
(1962 – 2021)

TIFR Hyderabad and ESIC Hospital and Medical College (Hyderabad) sign an MoU for developing tests that can rapidly confirm COVID-19 infections..Read More

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