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Kesavan P.S., Bohra D., Roy S. and Mazumder A., “Monitoring global changes in chromatin compaction states upon localized DNA damage, with tools of fluorescence anisotropy” Molecular Biology of the Cell doi: 10.1091/mbc.E19-08-0417

Dhuppar S., and Mazumder A., “Investigating cell cycle-dependent gene expression in the context of nuclear architecture at a single allele resolution” Journal of Cell Science doi: 10.1242/jcs.246330

Raghunathan Ramakrishnan, “Charge-transfer selectivity and quantum interference in real-time electron dynamics: Gaining insights from time-dependent configuration interaction simulations”J. Chem. Phys.152, 194111 (1-9), 2020.

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2020, January 23 Eenadu publishes an article that discusses the inception, research goals and future directions of TIFR Hyderabad..More

2019, December 24 TIFR Hyderabad hosted a four-day hands-on workshop followed by a two-day conference on Fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy..More

2019, October 13 P. Sreekumar kept the audience engaged and steered a lively discussion while explaining the objectives of the Chandrayaan-2 mission. Highlights of this session of Sawaal-Jawaab in The Hindu…More

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TIFR-Hyderabad Admissions Process in view of Covid-19

Shortlisted applicants for GS2020 Biology & Chemistry Interview

TIFR Hyderabad and ESIC Hospital and Medical College (Hyderabad) sign an MoU for developing tests that can rapidly confirm COVID-19 infections..Read More

Due to some technical glitch, we are unable to recover the application data. We request all applicants, who have applied on or before 15 Apr 2020, to re-register and resubmit the application.Click here to Apply

Last date to submit application for GS2020 (Physics and Chemistry) has been extended to 30-04-2020

VSRP-2020 programme is cancelled this year due to the prevalent Covid-19 condition and the uncertainty associated with it.

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Meet a scientist on Our Perspective towards Future Energy Challenges on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 [Outreach]

Conference on Advances in Catalysis, Energy, and Environmental Research at TIFR, Hyderabad on 16-19 Dec 2020 [Website]

Intercontinental NMR seminar series on various topics in NMR initiated by TIFR-H, ITC, Novosibirsk, TU-Darmstadt, and ENS, Paris, Friday, 1530 IST [Website]

Virtual Conference on Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics in Quantum Computing & Sensing at TIFR, Hyderabad on 02 June 2020 [Website]

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#ResearchHighlight: A study by @pskeshu (graduate student in Aprotim Mazumder’s lab) and colleagues describes a new method to follow changes to chromatin compaction states in living cells upon localized #DNA damage.

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'75 glorious years and a new beginning for TIFR Hyderabad'

Prof. Mustansir Barma and Prof. V. Chandrasekhar will provide a glimpse into TIFR's history leading onto an in-depth discussion regarding what lies ahead.

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