• M. Sahil,T. Singh, S. Ghosh and J. Mondal “3site Multisubstrate-Bound State of Cytochrome P450cam”,J.Am. Chem. Soc.,145, 23488 (2023)

  • M. Sahil, J. Singh, S. Sahu, S. K. Pal, A. Yadav, R. Anand and J. Mondal“Identifying Selectivity Filters in Protein Biosensor for Ligand Screening”,JACS Au,3,2800 (2023)

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Pabitra K Nayak, P K Madhu and colleagues receive DST Challenge Award on Solar Energy


Chaitanya K Suddapalli has been appointed as ICFO Ambassador in India


Sawaal-Jawaab: Colouring maps and keeping secrets

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Ullas S Kolthur has been awarded the prestigious J.C. Bose Fellowship for his contributions to molecular physiology, metabolic diseases and ageing

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