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Munaiah Yeddala, Pallavi Thakur, Anugraha A., and T. N. Narayanan,“Electrochemically Derived Functionalized Graphene for Bulk Production of Hydrogen Peroxide” Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 11, 432-442 (2020) [Invited Article – Special Issue “Graphene and Beyond, Editors: Prof. G U Kulkarni and Prof. C. N. R. Rao].

Atanu Dey, Virendra Kumar, Shubhadeep Pal, Anku Guha, Sumit Bawari, T. N. Narayanan , and. V. Chandrasekhar,“A Tetranuclear Cobalt (II) Phosphate Possessing a D4R Core: An Efficient Water Oxidation Catalyst” Dalton Transactions (2020).

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\"Biomolecular NMR studies on G57W mutant of human γS-crystallin and its role in dominant congenital cataract\" by Khandekar Jishan Bari, TCIS, Hyderabad on 19 Mar 2020, Friday at 04:00 PM

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