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Krishna Rani Sahoo, T. Pradeep, Rahul Sharma, Sumit Bawari, Suman Mundlia, Satyaki Sasmal, Karthik V. Raman, T. N. Narayanan, and Nirmal K. Viswanathan,,“Probing Proximity‐Tailored High Spin–Orbit Coupling in 2D Materials” Advanced Quantum Technologies (2020)

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TIFR Hyderabad and ESIC Hospital and Medical College (Hyderabad) sign an MoU for developing tests that can rapidly confirm COVID-19 infections..Read More

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ICONS2020, Intercontinental NMR Conference on Methods and Applications, August 26-28, 2020, Organisers: TIFR-H, ITC, Novosibirsk, TU-Darmstadt, ENS, Paris [Website]

Conference on Advances in Catalysis, Energy, and Environmental Research at TIFR, Hyderabad on 16-19 Dec 2020 [Website]

Virtual Conference on Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics in Quantum Computing & Sensing at TIFR, Hyderabad on 23 June 2020 [Website]

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'How seven Indian labs coped with the immediate aftermath of a global health crisis' narrates Anusheela Chatterjee

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