TIFR Hyderabad (TIFRH) has an exceptional department-less structure, with research spanning all three branches of the natural sciences. This helps create a unique environment where one can broaden one’s scientific horizons and bring a wide range of tools to the scientific questions they are interested in. Thus we are constantly on the lookout for colleagues who appreciate the value of interdisciplinarity while being well-grounded in their basic training, whether it is in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or different branches of Engineering and Materials Science. Come, join our endeavour, widen your horizons, do something extraordinary.

Details of the ongoing experimental, theoretical and computational research at TIFRH may be found on the web pages of individual faculty members. Please send an email with a CV and addresses of three referees to the individual faculty member you are interested in working with. They will write back to you soon if they have a position available.


The monthly fellowship for Post-doctoral/Visiting Fellows are as follows:

  • With Ph.D. degree (should have completed thesis defense): Rs.47,000/-
  • With Ph.D. degree and one year experience: Rs.49,000/- (deserving candidates)
  • With Ph.D. degree and two or more years experience: Rs.54,000/- (deserving candidates)

In addition, postdoctoral fellows will receive a contingency grant of Rs.40,000/- p.a. and institute-provided housing (or an applicable house rent allowance) as per TIFR regulations.