The flagship event of our community science outreach is a Science Café called ‘Sawaal-Jawaab: Conversations on Science’. These sessions provides an informal platform for the public to interact with a scientist. ‘Sawaal-Jawaab’ has been steadily gaining popularity, thus, increasing our reach among the community. These sessions have been held in Lamakaan, Phoenix Arena (Hitech City) and Birla Science Centre. Currently, these sessions are being held at Aaromale Cafe, Film Nagar. The talk is typically for half an hour, but questions flow freely from the audience and the duration of the entire event is one hour. This is now a recognized event in Hyderabad with around 80-100 attendees per session. Do visit this page on the TIFRH Science Media Centre website for photographs and videos from the previous Sawaal-Jawaab sessions!

Date TOPIC Speaker
Mar 09, 2024 "Wealth from Nuclear Waste: Recovery and Recycle" Smitha Manohar, BARC Trombay
Feb 17, 2024 "A journey from Hoolock to hornbills to hummingbirds: How do cold warm-blooded animals exist?" Anusha Shankar, TIFR Hyderabad
Dec 16, 2023 "From Chandrayaan 3 to an Indian on the Moon" Jatan Mehta , Science Writer
Aug 19, 2023 "When music and science meet" Debojyoti Chakraborty, CSIR-IGIB New Delhi
Jun 10, 2023 "Colouring maps and keeping secrets" Ramprasad Saptharishi, TIFR Mumbai
Oct 29, 2022 "James Webb Space Telescope - Peering back in space and time" Debojyoti Bardhan, IISER Pune
Aug 26, 2022 "Traffic rules in neurons" Sandhya P. Koushika, TIFR Mumbai
Jun 24, 2022 "The Physics of Cancer" Tamal Das, TIFR Hyderabad
Aug 21, 2020 "Your brain on stress" Vidita Vaidya, TIFR Mumbai
Mar 07, 2020 "Growing food in the face of salinity and drought" M. K. Mathew, NCBS-TIFR Bangalore
Feb 15, 2020 "How do raindrops form and grow?" Rama Govindarajan, ICTS-TIFR Bangalore
Feb 08, 2020 "The Coronavirus Pandemic" Gautam Menon, Ashoka University, Sonepat and IMSc, Chennai
Nov 09, 2019 "Astrophotography- the art of capturing the ancient light" Vinita Navalkar, CBS Mumbai
Oct 12, 2019 "New views of the Moon from Chandrayaan-2" P. Sreekumar, ISRO
Sep 14, 2019 "Why Engineers need Greek Philosophy" Surajit Sengupta, TIFR Hyderabad
Jul 13, 2019 "Black Holes- Heard three years ago and seen three months ago" Rajaram Nityananda, Azim Premji University
May 4, 2019 "Superbreakfast for Superheroes and other stories" Arnab Bhattacharya, TIFR Mumbai
Mar 9, 2019 "The Evolution of Living Matter" Vidyanand Nanjundiah, Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore
Jan 12, 2019 "Microscopy: The Quest for Infinite Resolution" Aprotim Mazumder, TIFR Hyderabad
Nov 10, 2018 "Astronomy's New Frontiers" P. Ajith, ICTS-TIFR Bangalore
Oct 13, 2018 "The Nature of Truth" Nitin Nitsure, TIFR Mumbai
Sep 15, 2018 "How do Infectious diseases spread" Gautam Menon, IMSc Chennai
Aug 25, 2018 "Battery battles for future transportation" Vijayamohanan K. Pillai
Apr 21, 2018 "The Smallest Machines" Roop Mallik, TIFR Mumbai
Mar 17, 2018 "Tales of a fly and a human: understanding of biology and diseases" Manish Jaiswal, TIFR Hyderabad
Feb 03, 2018 "The Big and Small of the Universe" Mayank Vahia, TIFR Mumbai
Jul 16, 2016 "Shapes and geometry of Surfaces" Mahan Mj., TIFR Mumbai
Aug 22, 2015 "How do Insects fly" Sanjay Sane, NCBS-TIFR Bangalore
Jun 06, 2015 "Nano: the big push to make it small" PM Ajayan, Rice University, Texas
Mar 14, 2015 "Going underground to look at the sky: studying the elusive Neutrino" Amol Dighe, TIFR Mumbai
Dec 13, 2014 "Learning new physics, one grain at a time" Shankar Ghosh, TIFR Mumbai
Oct 26, 2014 "Protecting civilians against nuclear attacks: feasible or not?" R. Rajaraman, JNU New Delhi
Jun 28, 2014 "How Running and Throwing made us human" Madhusudhan Venkadesan, NCBS-TIFR Bangalore
Mar 22, 2014 "After the Higgs" Rohini Godbole, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Feb 08, 2014 "First blueprint, now bricks: DNA as nanoscale construction material" Yamuna Krishnan, NCBS-TIFR Bangalore
Jan 11, 2014 "Clone Wars: the Science behind the Stem Cell Debate" D. Balasubramanian, L. V. Prasad Eye Institute
Nov 17, 2013 "Lord of the Rings: The Rise of Carbon" V. Chandrasekhar, TCIS
Oct 19, 2013 "Flocks, Herds, Swarms: The Physics of Moving in Groups" Sriram Ramaswamy, TCIS