Call for applications


A) Physics: Applications are invited for faculty appointments at the Assistant and Associate Professor levels from outstanding researchers in the following areas of Physics and Material Science.

    • Experimental Physics: Quantum optics, Photonics, Spectroscopy, and Quantum information focussing on the interactions between light and matter, Circuit quantum electrodynamics, Quantum Materials and Devices, and Experimental Soft Matter Physics, Atomic, molecular and optical sciences, High energy density and intense laser physics.
    • Theoretical Physics
    • Materials: (i) Developmental techniques in advanced electron microscopy and spectroscopy on a broad class of materials, (ii) Additive manufacturing, top-down materials design, and discovery of materials for technology-applications.

B) Chemistry: Applications are invited for faculty appointments at the Assistant and Associate Professor levels from candidates having outstanding research records in synthetic chemistry with a special emphasis on ‘total synthesis of natural products’, ‘carbohydrate chemistry’, ‘development of novel synthetic methodologies’.

C) Biology: Applications are invited for faculty appointments at the Assistant and Associate Professor levels from outstanding researchers in the following areas of experimental and theoretical biology.

Collective and emergent properties of biological systems across scales, with current emphasis on broad domains of Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal Physiology.

D) Mathematics & Computer Science: Call for applications: Faculty positions in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Assistant professor level (or above) faculty position at TIFR Hyderabad


Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) institutes are premier centres of scientific research in India with a history of academic achievements stretching back more than seventy years. TIFR Hyderabad is a young and dynamic new institute with faculty members drawn from across the Natural Sciences. Over the next years faculty strength is increase steadily, while in the yet longer run TIFR Hyderabad is envisioned to carry out research in all branches of the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and Materials Science. To bring this exciting opportunity to fruition we are on the constant lookout for outstanding new faculty colleagues at all levels, with research interests across the boundaries of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and the Mathematical Sciences. In the immediate term, particular areas in the physical sciences in which we aim to see growth are experimental and theoretical approaches in Condensed Matter and Laser Physics, Physical and Synthetic Chemistry. Likewise some specific areas of current interest in the biological sciences are Cell and Developmental Biology, Mechanics of Morphogenesis and Development, Organ Systems, Organismal Physiology, Computational biology, Molecular evolution, Microbiomes, Cellular Biophysics and Single molecule studies. Applications with interesting approaches in other areas of basic and applied science are also keenly sought. Multidisciplinarity comes organically from bringing the best minds in different disciplines together and providing them with the best of resources to comprehensively address scientific questions – so whether you are interdisciplinary by training or well-grounded in one field of work, whether your approaches are theoretical or experimental, this indeed is a unique opportunity.

Applicants must have a PhD degree in the relevant area and have a proven excellent academic track record and a matching publication list. At least two years of postdoctoral experience is expected, but this clause may be relaxed in the case of absolutely exceptional applications. Qualified applicants should apply through the online faculty application portal of TIFR Hyderabad:

Lists of required documents and letters can be found after registration at the application site, and any queries may be directed to with a copy to Further information about TCIS and TIFR Hyderabad can be found at

The level of appointment will be commensurate with the credentials. Comprehensive startup funding will be provided to set up the selected research programs. TIFR start-up packages are internationally competitive, and intramural funding and research facilities are among the best in the country. If selected, the candidate is also expected to contribute to teaching of the graduate students in the TIFR (Deemed University) graduate program in addition to performing original research. Applications are reviewed throughout the year.

We strongly encourage a diverse and inclusive workspace. We are actively working towards creating a gender-balanced work environment.