The Meet a Scientist program includes two possible modes of interaction:

1. Over the T-SAT Nipuna Channel which is live streamed on YouTube and over the cable TV network in Telangana. The network reaches remote TSWREIS schools in the State. The topic is broadcast by TSWREIS to the schools about 10 days in advance and students may send in their questions for the speaker. The program is live with one-way video and two-way audio. Pre-recorded format is also possible.

2. Face-to-face interaction at one of the TSWREIS schools in Hyderabad. The suggested timing is 6-8 pm.


Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Hyderabad

TIFRH School Outreach
Meet a Scientist

Dear Speaker,

As science educators our foremost aim is to keep alive curiosity and questioning in young students. Here is a repository of questions contributed by secondary and intermediate level science students from government schools. Volunteers of TIFRH Outreach continually update this list during weekend interactions with students. The students who have asked these questions have minimal access to libraries or internet, or experts with whom they could discuss their questions.

The full list of categorised questions is included here, with redundancies to reflect the popularity of the questions. You may want to address some of the relevant questions in your interactions with students.

Thanks and regards,

Jayashree Ramadas