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DNA damage is ubiquitous in nature, and cellular response to it is as diverse. An intimate link exists between DNA Damage Responses (DDR) and the emergence of cancer, neurodegeneration, and premature aging. Perturbations of specific DNA repair pathways are often associated with cancers in specific tissues. The very broad aims of our research are to elucidate the tissue-specific emergence of cancer with mutations in specific DNA repair pathways and to explain the differential sensitivities of body cells to cancer chemotherapeutic agents. DDR takes place in the context of the non-random organization of the genome in cell nucleus and chromatin organization may in turn affect tissue-specific gene expression too. Thus using tools drawn from different disciplines we are currently investigating the links connecting global genome organization with DDR and associated gene expression. Interplay of chromatin factors and nuclear architecture with different DNA repair pathways are being interrogated by different members of our group.