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Research Overview

We work on molecular materials such as single-molecule magnets (SMMs), single-ion magnets (SIMs), spin-cross over (SCO) systems and molecules that have interesting photophysical properties. In addition, we also have interest in main-group organometallic chemistry and catalysis. In the area of molecular magnets (SMMs and SIMs) our goal is to come out with efficient designs for the assembly of these systems. These molecular complexes contain transition metal ions/lanthanide metal ions. The endeavour is to build systems that show high barriers to magnetization reversal and those that can have high blocking temperatures. In addition, we are interested in creating ensembles that are air-stable and which have high solubilities in regular organic solvents so that they can be processed readily. In SCO systems, we are interested in multi-functional complexes involving Fe(II)/Fe(III). The objective in these systems is to have room temperature SCO materials that also can be activated by light. In main group chemistry and main-group organometallic chemistry we are interested in low-valent and low-coordinate systems which may be of interest from the point of view of their structure and reactivity. In this regard, we are involved in the assembly of group 13 element-based compounds and study their photo physical and electrochemical properties. We are also involved in designing novel ligands which allow preparation of main-group metal complexes which are catalytically active. One of the current interests in this area is to replace scarce metals with earth-abundant metal ions so as to be able to generate chemistry that is sustainable and environment friendly.