Date Time Title Speaker
10 Jul, 2018

04.00 PM Title 1: How does benzene binds to the buried cavity of L99A T4 Lysozyme
Title 2: Insight into the switching machinery of Spliced Leader RNA from Leptomonas collosoma
Subhendu Pandit
09 Jul, 2018

4.00 PM 2D bubbly flows and vortex mixing of immiscible fluids Rashmi Ramaadugu
08 May, 2018

4.00 PM Role of Avalanches in the Yielding Transition of Amorphous Solids Bhanu Prasad Bhowmik
23 Apr, 2018

2.00 PM Population fluctuations in bacterial colonies growing on hard surfaces Navdeep Rana
20 Apr, 2018

3.30 PM Structure and dynamics of a cataract-active mutant G57W of human GammaS Crystallin Khandekar Jishan Bari
04.00 PM Biomolecular NMR Studies on Plant Protease Inhibitors from Capsicum annum Janeka Gartia
19 Apr, 2018

4.00 PM Interacting active grains: trapping and segregation Rahul Kumar Gupta
04.30 PM Entropy in active matter: how one implements time reversal Lokrshi Prawar Dadhichi
13 Apr, 2018

5.00 PM Instabilities and turbulence in self-propelled fluids with inertia Rayan Chatterjee
09 Apr, 2018

3.30 PM Understanding aggregation and disaggregation of protein amyloids Timir Baran Sil
03 Apr, 2018

2.00 PM Monitoring global changes to physical chromatin structure in response to DNA damage in living cells Kesavan P S
02.30 PM Methods Development and its applications in NMR Kshama Sharma
03.00 PM Development of solid state NMR methods to probe stronger one-bond dipolar couplings Mukul Jain
02 Apr, 2018

03.00 PM Non affine Parameter in real and force space for a polydisperse granular matters Pappu Acharya
26 Mar, 2018

11.30 AM Tissue-specific roles of EGFR signaling in regulating cell proliferation Nikhita Pasnuri
23 Mar, 2018

04:00 PM Study of Conformational Heterogeneity in Cytochrome P450 Bhupendra Dandekar
04:30 PM Biophysical characterization of the interactions between Apolipoprotein E and Amyloid-β peptide Shamasree Ghosh
05:00 PM Wavefront Control in Laser Plasma Interactions S.V. Rahul
19 Mar, 2018

04.00 PM In-silico modelling and study of kinase inhibitors Jaya Krishna Koneru
04.30 PM Extreme Value Statistics in Structural Glasses Vishnu V. Krishnan
16 Mar, 2018

04.00 PM Differences in Domain Interactions among Apolipoprotein E Isoforms Subhrajyoti Dolai
09 Mar, 2018

11:30 AM Energy Spectra in 2-d buoyancy driven bubbly flows Vikash Pandey
05 Mar, 2018

02:00 PM Enhanced dynamic heterogeneity in model active glass forming liquids Kallol Paul
01 Mar, 2018

04:00 PM Pleating of a flat stretched membrane under nonzero emperatures Debankur Das
04:30 PM Collapsing Dynamics of a Polymer Chain in Supercooled Glass-forming Liquid Mrinmoy Mukherjee
05:00 PM Possible Universal Relation Between Short time β-relaxation and Long time α-relaxation in Glass-forming Liquids Rajsekhar Das
26 Feb, 2018

02:30 PM Studies on the Solid State Ion Transport Membranes Sudeshna Patra
03:00 PM Do non-affine atomic displacements in apo-proteins reveal eventual binding pathways? Dube Dhreeraj Prakashchand
20 Feb, 2018

04:00 PM Reversible NHC Coordination with Si(IV) Compounds and Exchange of Donor in Donor Acceptor Stabilized Si(II) and Ge(II) Compounds Avijit Maiti
05:15 PM Connecting DNA Damage Responses (DDR) to the Cell Cycle and Genome Organization Dhuppar Shivnarayan Tilkesh
16 Feb, 2018

04:00 PM Conductance Measurement in proximity induced Superconductivity and Realisation of topological superconductors Archit Bharadwaj
09 Feb, 2018

04:00 PM Using Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy for studying Metal Adatoms on Graphene Saurabh Chaudhary
25 Jan, 2018

04:00 PM Translationally invariant colloidal crystal templates Pankaj Popli
04:30 PM Block Analysis for the Calculation of Dynamic and Static Length Scales in Glass-Forming Liquids Indrajit Tah
22 Jan, 2018

03:00 PM Studies on the Molecular Junctions of Carbon Shubhadeep Pal