Date Time Title Speaker
30 May, 2022

03:00 PM CO2 activation on Au surfaces Nandana Pal Chowdhury
27 May, 2022

05:00 PM To be announced Mithun
04:00 PM Acyclic diaminocarbene based Thiophene, Bithiophene, and Terthiophene bridged Kekulé diradicaloids Priyanka Saha
11:30 AM Chemical Synthesis of SARS-CoV-2 Accessory Proteins Abhisek Kar
10:30 AM Tailoring magnetization switching dynamics and skyrmion physics at ferromagnetic/molecular interface Suman R
09:30 AM Accurate thermochemical data and DFT benchmarking for elementary reactions in combustion chemistry Saurabh Chandra Kandpal
26 May, 2022

05:00 PM Nuclear morphomechanics guide competitive elimination of precancerous transformed cells from Epithelia Praver Gupta
04:00 PM Studying dynamics of proteins using solution NMR spectroscopy Subhendu Pandit
10:30 AM Characterization of Aggregation of tau protein using ensemble and single-molecule based fluorescence techniques Mahaprasad Soumitri Ranjan Sahu
25 May, 2022

05:00 PM Chemoselective bio-orthogonal chemistry of proteins Arighna Sarkar
04:00 PM Development of a fly model to probe the functions of inorganic polyphosphates (polyP) in vivo Sunayana Sarkar
20 May, 2022

10:30 AM Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum structure in guiding the mode of cell migration at different wound geometry Simran Rawal
11:30 AM Investigating the Role of SNAP and SNARE proteins in Store-Operated Calcium Entry Sritama Datta
04:00 PM Investigating the structural and functional reorganization of the nucleolus in response to rDNA damage Sinjini Ghosh
05:00 PM Towards unravelling the binding mode of LRAD3 with Spike protein of SARS - CoV-2 Mrinmoy Jana
19 May, 2022

04:00 PM Identifying regulators of stress-induced mitochondrial biogenesis Aravind H
05:00 PM Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry reveals difference(s) in dynamics in ApoE isoforms Sudip Pal
02:30 PM Short time peak in Four-point Dynamic Susceptibility in the supercooled Active Glass-forming liquid Subhodeep Dey
18 May, 2022

10:30 AM Structural differences between Apolipoprotein E isoforms and its effect on neurodegeneration Vinoth Kumar
05:00 PM Tertiary structure stabilization of proteins using non-canonical long-range disulfide bonds Vishal Malik
13 May, 2022

10:30 AM Understanding novel regulators of developmental autophagy Tarana Anand
11:30 AM Spatial heterogeneity of metabolism associated with the stages of epithelial contact inhibition of proliferation Basil Thurakkal
05:00 PM Role of HP1 isoforms and Phase Separation in DNA Damage Responses in Heterochromatin Darshika Bohra
12 May, 2022

04:00 PM Effect of concentration fluctuations in active polar fluids Purnima Jain
05:00 PM First contact breaking distributions in strained disordered crystals Roshan Kumar Maharana
11 May, 2022

04:00 PM Active random walks in one and two dimensions Stephy Jose
06 May, 2022

05:00 PM Design and development of diagnostic tools for quantum state specific studies Saurabh Kumar Singh
04:00 PM Connecting DNA damage responses to nuclear mechanics in living cells Shantam Yagnik
11:30 AM Transcriptional diversity of the Vomeronasal neuroepithelium G V S Devakinandan
10:30 AM Bendless is required for PINK1-PARK mediated degradation of mitochondrial fusion protein Marf Rajit Narayanan C
05 May, 2022

05:00 PM On the Development of Two electrode Photo-Rechargeable Metal Ion Batteries Amar Kumar
04:00 PM Plasmid segregating protein (ParM) a model system to understand actins in terms of its dynamic instability Pragyan Parimita Parida
04 May, 2022

05:00 PM Characterisation of Aggregation of tau protein using ensemble and single-molecule based fluorescence techniques Mahaprasad Soumitriranjan Sahu
04:00 PM Doping of Organic Semiconductors with Deep Homo Level Brijesh Kumar Patel
29 Apr, 2022

05:00 PM Development of narrow linewidth high power, near and mid-IR radiation source Avinash Kumar
04:00 PM PfRALP1: Structural characterization and identification of peptide/protein-based inhibitors Akash Narayan
11:30 AM Boosting electron emission from liquid droplet microplasma Sonali
10:30 AM Actin-driven Golgi apparatus dispersal during collective migration of epithelial cells Purnati Khuntia
28 Apr, 2022

05:00 PM Synthesis and morphology control of vacancy-ordered double perovskites through aqueous electrochemistry Amogh K Ravi
04:00 PM Lipids and apolipoprotein E alter the pathway of aggregation of Aβ42 Sourav Das Adhikari
27 Apr, 2022

05:00 PM Bis-N-Heterocyclic Olefins Derived Closed− and Open−Shell π −Conjugated Molecules Subhadip Jana
04:00 PM Realising 1,1-Dehydration of Secondary Alcohol to Carbene: Pyrrolidin-2-ol as a Source of Cyclic (Alkyl)(Amino)Carbene and Boron-Centre Based Diradicals Ayan Das
22 Apr, 2022

05:00 PM Studying fast exchange processes by CEST NMR: How far can we go? Nihar Pradeep Khandave
04:00 PM Matrix stiffening promotes perinuclear mitochondrial localisation Piyush Daga
11:30 AM Experimental time saving for assignment and restraints at fast MAS Sahil R
10:30 AM Study of dynamical and mechanical properties of glassy materials using rod-like impurities Anoop Mutneja
21 Apr, 2022

04:00 PM Detecting a New Intermediate State of the Cavity Mutant of T4 Lysozyme (L99A T4L) Using CEST NMR Experiments Ved prakash Tiwari
20 Apr, 2022

04:00 PM Dynamic and static properties of a confluent epithelial monolayer Souvik Sadhukhan
8 Apr, 2022

04:00 PM Effect of multi-site phosphorylation on the structure of intrinsically disordered protein Subinoy Adhikari
11:30 AM Zero Field NMR and atomic magnetometers George Kurian K K
10:30 AM Exploring the of role of HU and MatP in E. coli chromosome organisation and towards a high-resolution model for the E. coli chromosome Abdul Wasim
7 Apr, 2022

05:00 PM In-silico modelling of collective dynamics of bacteria and bacterial chromosomal loci Palash Bera
6 Apr, 2022

05:00 PM Spin Hall Effect of Light: an optical technique for investigation of Thin films and 2D atomic layers Janmey Jay Panda
10.30 AM Study of Ions and Cosolutes (ATP/Osmolyte) in Different Environments (Solution/Channel) Susmita Sarkar