Date Time Title Speaker
10 May, 2019

04.00 PM Structure of G57W variant of human γS-crystallin and its involvement in severe infantile cataracts Khandekar Jishan Bari
26 Apr, 2019

10.00 AM Non-covalent interactions across chemical datasets using Symmetry Adapted Perturbation Theory (SAPT) Sabyasachi Chakraborty
10.30 AM Hydrogen / Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) reveals structural differences among the Apolipoprotein E Isoforms Subhrajyoti Dolai
02.00 PM Necking or cavitation in amorphous solids: A geometric phenomenon Kallol Paul
02.30 PM The Hessians of Structural Glasses Vishnu V Krishnan
03.00 PM Computational perspective of Antimicrobial action of short-chain β-peptides K. Jaya Krishna
24 Apr, 2019

2.30 PM Coarsening dynamics of Incompressible Dry Active Matter Navdeep Rana
12 Apr, 2019

10.00 AM Secondary Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and Anti-bubbles Rashmi Ramaadugu
10.30 AM Non-affine fluctuations and the stability of crystalline solids Pankaj Popli
11.15 AM Understanding and then controlling the AMA1-RON2 interactions to inhibit malaria parasite entry into red blood cells Anamika Biswas
02.00 PM Differential EGFR signalling in Drosophila eye imaginal discs revealed by single molecule RNA FISH (smFISH) Nikhita Pasnuri
02.30 PM Monitoring global changes in chromatin compaction states upon localized DNA damage with tools of fluorescence anisotropy P S Kesavan
03.00 PM Mechano-signalling in cell competition: What does stiffening of extracellular matrix lead to? P Phani Shilpa
05 Apr, 2019

10.30 AM Aligned active suspensions: super-diffusion and anisotropic criticality Lokrshi Prawar Dadhichi
11.00 AM The interplay of segregation and flocking in the dynamics of active polar particles in a crystalline medium Rahul Kumar Gupta
11.30 AM Force Fluctuations in Disordered Crystals Pappu Acharya
12.00 PM Pleat formations in sheets (2-D and quasi 3-D) Debankur Das
12.30 PM STM study of self-organizing organic molecules on Au (111) / mica surface Saurabh Chaudhary
02.00 PM Hybrid Electrodes for Energy Storage and Conversion Processes Pallavi
02.30 PM Tuning the Electro Catalytic Reactions using Li ions: Hydrogen and Ammonia Productions Anku Guha
29 Mar, 2019

04.00 PM Understanding Dynamic of Proteins Using Solution NMR Spectroscopy Subhendu Pandit
08 Mar, 2019

10.30 AM Precursors for Electron Rich Olefins Mithilesh Kumar Nayak
11.00 AM Stable organic radicals and diradical/diradicaloids stabilized by imidazolium and pyrrolinium scaffold Avijit Maiti
05 Mar, 2019

10.00 AM Energy Spectra in buoyancy driven bubbly flows and dusty gas turbulence Vikash Pandey
01 Mar, 2019

10.00 AM Study of protein ligand binding using coarse grain simulations Bhupendra Ramesh Dandekar
10.30 AM Role of molecular interfaces and dopants in heterogeneous catalysis Sumit Bawari
11.00 AM Expression and purification of mitochondrial pyruvate carrier (MPC) Pravin Pralhad Taware
11.45 AM Collective Variable Optimization for Bio-molecular Systems Satyabrata Bandyopadhyay
12.15 PM Effect of Protein-Stabilizing Osmolytes on Hydrophobic and Charge Interaction of a macromolecule Mrinmoy Mukherjee
02.00 PM Growth and Characterisation of FeSe, an iron-based Superconductor to Study Proximity Effect Archit Bhardwaj
02.30 PM Understanding intensity distribution of molecular beams Geethika
15 Feb, 2019

10.30 AM Global Non-Affinity Parameter: From local-to-Global picture Dube Dheeraj Prakashchand
11.00 AM Spectral Imaging with laser driven ions S V Rahul
08 Feb, 2019

10.30 AM Biophysical characterization of the interactions between Apolipoprotein E and Amyloid-β peptide Shamasree Ghosh
11.00 AM Controllably Grown Atomic Layers and Their Heterostructures for Devices Rahul Sharma
11.45 AM Towards the Development of Atomic Layers based Magnetic Structures Krishna Rani Sahoo
12.15 PM Spin Seebeck and thermoelectric effects in Zeeman split superconductors Satyaki Sasmal
02.00 PM A tale of flowing solids Paswa Nath